every order is handled by over 120 dedicated staff.
more than 90 of them have been with us for over 10 years.

We believe in our product just as much as we believe in our people. We have always invested heavily to ensure the safety and well-being of our emlpoyees. By providing training, infrastructure, security, and freedom for our staff, we aim to set an example for the rest of Fiji, and the rest of the Pacific Islands. In return, we boast one of the most skilled, dedicated workforces around. 


With regular medical and dental checks, sports activities, and neighbourhood-support projects, we're truly invested in our people. And in return, they've helped us craft the most impressive packaging offering in the Pacific.


Won World Excellence in Graphic Print for Fiji Water boxes

ISO 9001 Certification – Outstanding performance and compliance with quality requirements. First company in Fiji to receive ISO certification

Exporter of the Year Award. General Category. Quality Prints

FTIB Exporter of the Year Award. Project Category. Excellence in Exporting.

Proud supporter of National Fijian 7’s Rugby Team.

Won Prime Ministers Exporter of the Year Award multiple times.



Alongside these, our customers have also received a number of awards reflecting the strength of partnership of their product and Golden’s Award winning packaging.