A commitment to finding the most innovative solutions to our customers’ unique needs, supported by uncompromising operational excellence, efficiency and dependability means that we're constantly pushing the envelope with our quality and efficiency. Our world-class plant operates a lowest-cost approach within an environment of operational excellence.

This excellence, set by policy and supported by a programme of continuous improvements, is constantly being measured against the world’s standards of best practice. We cater to customers in many markets of the world, with diverse needs for cardboard products, large and small, from the bulkiest of tough cartons to the smallest, most intricate and delicate boxes.


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Die-cut cartons can either be hand erected or produced for a high speed carton erector. This carton allows for intricate design and shape to protect and promote your products in a variety of ways. We can design and manufacture die-cut cartons to suit any product from any industry regardless of shape, size and quantity. They're the ideal solution for anything from wine makers to bakeries, and the flexibility in design means they're produced with a made-to-fit accuracy. A perfect marriage for product with packaging.




We are currently the only packaging company in Fiji to offer pre-printed boxes, and our state of the art factory ensures that the printing and finished product have an extremely refined look.

High quality cartons printed with coloured graphics can be printed on brown or white paper, depending on your requirements. The printing process is carried out on our eight colour flexographic printing press, which is then transferred to three ply cardboard and converted into packaging on our flexographic slotter-gluer.

We're the only company in Fiji to have produced award-winning pre-printed boxes for our clients.



The ideal package for products that go into cold storage. Wax lining gives the carton moisture-resistant properties, meaning it's perfect for freezing goods for long periods or for transportation. These cartons are ideal for keeping products like ice cream, fruit, vegetables and seafood reliably fresh. You'll always be able to rely on them reaching their destination intact, both inside and out.



These double-strength cartons are the solution for bulk goods and heavy products. Favoured by fishing industries and heavy organic producers, they have the capacity for any heavy item. Double wall flute combinations are used to increase their stacking and insulation properties. It has superior stacking and insulation. High stability means efficient palletisation and ensures they support the most demanding logistic requirements.




Secure your load with cardboard edge protectors. This is the way to go if you need a cheap, flexible, yet strong method to reinforce your packaging. It ensures your edges stay sharp and your pallets stay stacked. They prevent impact damage and are invaluable when goods are going the distance. An essential way to keep your product safe and sound.



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We offer in-house sheeting and slitting facilities converting parent reels and sheet stocks to your specific needs. By sourcing the best paper reels in Fiji and combining them with our efficient process, we ensure your product is wrapped in thte best we have to offer. The process involves paper roll loading, electrostatic discharging, paper sheeting, and automatic paper piling.


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We see the packaging world evolving quickly. That's why it’s important to us that we continually invest in technologies that will enable our customers to have the most seamless, effective experience possible.

Our recent acquisition and installation of label printing technology gives us both Gravure and Flexographic printing capabilities, and means we can now offer you: ‘No Look Labels’, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive labels (PSA), Hot Melt, Wet Glue, Paper and Synthetic Self-Adhesive labels. We also offer Reel-to-Reel and Reel-to-Sheet printing solutions based on the method of label application that best suits your setup.

·         Pressure Sensitive Adhesive labels (PSA)

·         Self-Adhesive labels

·         Paper or Synthetic

·         Wet Glue labels

·         Hot Melt labels

·         Embossing, De-bossing, Cold Foil

·         Reel-to-Reel or Reel-to-Sheet printing solutions

·         “No Look" labels


Work with us and our technology and we'll show you how to enhance your end product using the power of labelling.